eShades sunglasses for outdoor sports


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eShades sunglasses for outdoor sports
eShades sunglasses for outdoor sports
eShades sunglasses for outdoor sports

Note: For the time being, No Shipment to Japan.

World's first Instant Dark & Clear Self-tinting Glasses provides the perfect vision for sports:Tennis, Golf, Baseball, and Sailing and so on.

Electronic driven eShades are based on LCD film technology. Flexible film LCD is laminated onto the PC lens which is the only solution. Can not use glass LCD due to safety issues. 

Improve your field performance in the sun when you do any outdoor sports. eShades can see the ball more clearly! Also you can see the dark area better! 

Switch within 0.1 seconds. Much faster than transition sunglasses (3 minutes switching)! 

🕶️ Instant transition, about 0.1 second, much faster than traditional transition lens.
🕶️ Anti-glare polarized lens.
🕶️ 99.99% UV proof.

🕶️No battery required!

🕶️Made in Japan

The eShades sunglasses are equipped with flexible LCD film electronically controlled dimming film from Wicue. It can be automatically adjusted the brightness of the lens according to the ambient light intensity. It has the characteristics of 0.1s rapid transition or dimming. It is so intelligent so that dimming is smooth and fast. It is also compatible for use in outdoor activities  such as driving, hiking, cycling, skiing, fishing, and running.

Electronic Smart Sunglasses Specification


Product introduction

 eShades® Sunglasses is a new type of extremely fast color changing glasses developed based on liquid crystal dimming film technology by Japan facility of Wicue.

The glasses are patented and sold on all over the world.The glasses are suitable for tennis, golf, cycling,driving, mountaineering, skiing and so on . They improve the visual function and visual effect of the eyes in strong-light and low-light environments, and improve the safety of the users while obtaining comfortable vision.The product has many comfortable functions.And it will bring you the better use of experience than traditional sunglasses.


It can automatically adjust the dark degree of the lens according to the light intensity of the working environment.Avoid visual fatigue and poor visual effects under strong light.


It takes only 0.1S to change the color of the lens from its brightest state to its darkest state.Excellent in dealing with sudden bright light (going outside suddenly, driving out of the tunnel), users are not dazzled by bright light.


Lens material has anti - ultraviolet function, can greatly filter ultraviolet light.Protect the user's eyes.


Polarizer is One of the material of the lens, so the product also has the functions of general polarizer glasses, such as: anti-reflective on road、on water surface and so on. So driving and outdoor leisure have good use experience.


The background color of the lens is gray-brown, which can avoid the color shift of the lens (such as red shift, blue shift and green shift).So it can improve the safety when driving.

Compare with traditional sunglasses( transmittance):

Usage scenario

 Traditional sunglasses’ transmittance

eShades® transmittance

Under the sun

About 12%

About 20%

Face the sun

About 5%

Bow your head in the sun

About 15%


About 41%

Note:The data of transmittance from conventional glasses, for comparison only.

The transmittance of traditional sunglasses has been fixed when the product design is completed. In order to meet the comfort of the strongest light environment, it is generally low.Therefore, the traditional sunglasses are only suitable for wearing when they are directly facing the strong light environment. When they enter the indoor (or tunnel) or other low-light environment, they will produce the feeling of blackening and dizziness due to the limitation of the adjustment speed of human eyes. 

When the intensity of the outside light changed, eShades® sunglasses will quickly adjust the transmittance .So it can ensure to get a good visual and improve security , also not easy to produce visual fatigue.



  1. NO watering and shower

This type of dimming glasses is driven by LCD circuit .So it should be avoided direct contacting with rain or water.After the circuit water may cause the circuit short circuit, and damage the dimmer glasses internal circuit.

Note: after the glasses enter water, please let them dry naturally in a dark environment or use a hair dryer to dry slowly and return to room temperature.

  1. NO touching or wiping with something sharp or hard

The anti-scratching ability of the lens is limited, please pay attention to protect the lens when cleaning or using to prevent the use of scratch lens.

  1. NO pulling the Glasses arm by force

The glasses arm are made of lightweight synthetic material with a certain opening range.Do not overdo or pull the glasses arm in the opposite direction, which may cause the glasses arm to break.

  1. Disclaimer

The minimum  transmittance of the glasses may be less than 8% under direct exposure to external strong light, which may affect the safety of driving. If the glasses are still worn, the company will not assume any legal liabilities.


  1. Please use a professional soft cleaning cloth and cleanser when cleaning glasses. Do not cleaning glasses by much force.Pay attention to the humidity of the clean cloth, not too wet.


  1. When not in use for a long time, please pack it in glasses bag to avoid to be pressured or fall.


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  • Autodimming
  • Fast switching
  • Eye protecting
  • No need to charging
  • Made in Japan