Wicue® Liquid Crystal Writing Tablet 55-inch

Liquid Crystal Large size E-Writing Board

The basic version of Wicue® Writing Tablet. 55-inch (1200mmx900mm). 

Ideal for meeting room. 

It’s an electrically switchable, marker free, chalk-free or ink-free, one-click erase, eco-friendly, large size smart writing boards. Wicue Board is truly a pen/paper replacement and you directly write using your finger or any object on the board without any marker, pen or stylus required. It really feels like pen writing on paper. These Wicue® Writing Boards will not only bring you a great writing experience, but are one of the healthiest ways to eliminate dry erase markers and impact on the environment. 

Technical Features 

  • Writing on flexible LC film 
  • Partial Erase function is included
  • Easy and quick one-click erase 
  • Neither marker or ink ever needed 
  • Writing can be clearly seen in long distance 
  • Wicue proprietary high contrast bistable LC technology. Patent pending
  • no backlight and protect human eyes 
  • Low Power consumption and 3000 mAH rechargeable lithium Battery powered
  • SAVE function optional.

No more markers! No more chalks! No more ink! No more consumable items! No stylus needed! Zero dust! 

$ 769.00